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Hip Replacement Surgery

This is the most successful operation in orthopaedics, restoring quality of life and function to thousands of people every year. At Hollywood Orthopaedic Group, our hip Surgeons are trained and experienced in all commonly used techniques.

They will provide you with the most appropriate solution for your hip arthritis.

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Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery (DAA – Direct Anterior Approach)

This technique differs from normal hip replacements in that it utilises an approach that avoids cutting any muscles to insert the artificial joint. This generally allows a quicker recovery from surgery and less discomfort for patients after the operation. The prosthesis used is the same titanium implant used in regular hip replacements and can have either a plastic, metal or ceramic bearing. Not all people are suitable for this approach and this will need to be discussed with your Surgeon at the time of consultation.

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Hip Arthroscopy

Until recently, groin pain in the young patient was poorly diagnosed and undertreated. With better diagnostics (MRI) and the expanded indications for arthroscopy, we now have more options for the treatment of your hip pain.

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